Ergon Sutramed was established in 1963 as a surgical suture division of Ciba Geigy Group in Torino.In 1998 the company was purchased from Ciba Geigy and moved to a brand new location of approximately 4.000 square meters in the beautiful surroundings of Magliano dei Marsi, central Italy, only three quarters of an hour far from Rome.
In the new manufacturing plant the entire production cycle is completed by using state of the art technology and selected first choice raw materials under the strict control of our Quality Control Department and in accordance with CE specifications,  UNI EN ISO 13485:2012 and UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.for the European market and FDA approval for the manufacturing unit. Ergon Sutramed range of products is wide and complete. It includes sutures suitable for all surgical fields, available through three divisions, human, dental and veterinary and specifically designed to assist professionals in all aspects of surgery. In this richly varied assortment there are innovative materials such as synthetic absorbable fibres, braided and monofilament, long, mid and short term absorption, together with the more traditional sutures: silk, nylon, polyester, polypropylene, PVDF and stainless steel. Recently the product range has been widened including barbed sutures, titanium wire, sutures for ophthalmology and cardiovascular surgery with an aim to continuously improve the suture line available. Ergon Sutramed is committed to meet customers′ needs, always producing high quality products and offering the best service. With this in mind new needlethread combinations, not already included in the catalogue, may be manufactured to meet demand by modifying type of needle, suture thread length and size. Today, Ergon Sutramed exports to 23 different countries with great satisfaction to end users and distributors.